Private Pilot Training Course
*Phase I:  During this phase the training pilot will be trained on the aircraft, use of checklists, procedures, pre-flight, ground operations, airport and traffic pattern operations, turns, climbs & descents, slow flight, ground reference maneuvers, and flight by reference to instruments.
Flight: 9.0 Hours
Ground: 6.3 Hours
Flight: $1,395.00
Ground: $312
*Phase II:  During this phase the training pilot shall be taught takeoffs, airport operations (Towered and NonTowered), emergency operations, and approaches and landings.
Flight: 22.0 Hours
Ground: 9.1 Hours
Flight: $2,766.00
Ground: $380.00
*Phase III:  This phase introduces Cross-Country Pre-Flight Planning, Dead Reckoning, Pilotage, Electronic Navigation, Diversion, Lost Procedures, Night Operations, and Emergencies.
Flight: 16.9 Hours
Ground: 9.9 Hours
Flight: $2,762.00
Ground: $232.00
*Phase IV:  This phase will cover all Operational Areas of the Practical Test Standards for the Private Pilot Single Engine Land Certificate.
Flight: 10.8 Hours
Ground: 8.7 Hours
Flight: $1,747.00
Ground: $348.00
*Phase V:  The final phase of training is the Private Pilot Practical Test.  This phase is done with a Designated Pilot Examiner or a Federal Aviation Administration Inspector.  During the Practical Test, you will show the examiner that you posess the knowledge and flight skills in order to become a private pilot.
Flight: 2.4 Hours
Ground: 2.4 Hours
Flight: $276.00
Ground: $0
**Total Cost:  $10,218.00

Flight: 61.1 Hours
Ground: 36.4 Hours
Flight: $8,946.00
Ground: $1,272.00
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*All times are an estimate and based on times in which Certified Flight Inc. believes it takes to become a competent,safe, and knowledgeable pilot.  It should be understood that all people do not learn at the same rate, therefore it is possible to exceed the times shown above. 
**Costs shown above are based on estimated time to complete the flight training syllabus.  Actual costs may vary based on the amount of time the training pilot devotes to the flight training.  The costs shown above are based on non-club member rates in a Cessna 172 or PA28.  Flight costs may differ for members of the flight club.